12 Beauty Tricks To look Beautiful

Beauty Tricks

If you have taken enough selfies and food pics then you need to do something else. These are few tricks which will make you absolute gorgeous.

1. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair
If you wrap a band around your hair for overnight and remove it in morning. You will find that your hairs look as if you have gone for hairdressing.

2. Bigger or Smaller eyes

Bigger or Smaller eyes
If you apply white eyeliner right above the lower lash line then your eyes will look big. But, if it looks small then you must have applied black liner below the eye.

3. Annoying bra underwire

Annoying bra underwire
If your bra pokes throughout the day which causes discomfort to you. Then, the easy solution is pick moleskin patch over the affected area.

4. Glowing mascara

Glowing mascara
You can apply white eyeliner prior to eye shadow this will make the colored eyeliner/eyeshadow and mascara look better.