11 Paintings That Perfectly Explain Dad And Daughter Relationship


The stunning bond shared between a father and a daughter is difficult to express in words. There’s continually something new and intriguing between these two individuals from a family that makes their relationship special and excellent. Snezhana Soosh, a 37-year-old craftsman is from Ukraine. As of late, she posted some inspiring representations of the bond between a father and his girl on Instagram. These photos are unfortunately not from her own experience as her dad was not some portion of her life for long. Watch the full story and offer it with your family as well.

1. Daddy’s Girl

This illustration is a proof of fathers can do anything for their daughter. The dad of the girl seem combing her hair.

2. Walking High Above The World

 This illustration shows that the girl is feeling on top of the world as she is sitting on top of her dad’s shoulders

3. Sleep, My Little One…

This illustration shows that the dad is there to protect her daughter from monsters under the bed.

4. Afternoon Nap

This illustration shows that the daughter is taking an afternoon nap on her dad’s stomach.

5. Taking Washing Day Seriously

This illustration shows that the dad is helping his daughter to give bath to his daughter’s toys.

6. Bed… King Size!

This illustration shows that the dad likes when his daughter comes to sleep by him.

7. Tea Time, Dada

The girl is seen bringing a cup of tea for her dad. The dad always enjoys that cup of magical rainbow tea.

8. She Loves Puppet Theater

The dad entertains his daughter by arranging the puppet show at home.

9. Baggage Overweight

The dad is unable to handle her daughter when he has to go on a business trip.

10. Big Mouse, Little Mouse

The dad makes the daughter study about the difference between big and little by reflecting the shadow of hands

11. Stay By Me

This illustration shows the girl falls asleep holding the hand of her dad. The dad says his back hurts those nights but he doesn’t remove his hands.