10 Quick Ways to Make Gorgeous Waves


Every time I want curly hairs, I have to visit a salon. And I guess most of the girls will agree with me because it is not possible to get last longer curls at home. But you can change this with these easy hair hacks. Now you don’t need to visit the hair salon. Read on to know how to get salon like curls in minutes.

Decide whether you want tight curls or loose curls.

Choose small barrel for tight curls and big bareel for loose curs.

Twist your hair with your fingers before wrapping them in iron to get tight twisted curls.

Spray your hair with hairspray to hold curls for a longer time. You have to do this before curling them.

Make sure you start curling your hair from the roots, this will make your curls stay longer.

If you want beach wave, then try tying up your hair in a ponytail and then curl them.

Curl small sections of your hair to make the last longer.

Hold curling iron vertically to get loose curls and vertically to get tight curls.

To use flat iron for curling purpose, clamp hair in flat iron from middle and then roll down the flat iron to your hair length.

Pin up your curls while they are still hot. This trick will keep your hair curly for a longer duration.

Take a look at this self-explaining picture to know how to get different type of curls.