10 Essential Makeup Hacks That Every Woman Should Know, #6 Is A Game Changer.

It isn’t easy to get up and get ready in morning. And it’s almost impossible to try something different from your daily makeup routine in the morning because everything you try will be time-consuming. But if I tell you some tips that not only improve your beauty routine but also shorten the amount of time it takes to get ready in every morning?

Here I am bringing up some easy makeup hacks that are fast enough to save your precious time in the morning.

1. Cover Up Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Doting the concealer under your eye is not very effective to cover up the dark circle. So, instead of doting apply concealer in a triangle shape. It is much more effective to hide circle completely.

2. Try French Manicure With Rubber Band

French Manicure

Finding it difficuilt to do French manicure? Well, you next time try it a rubber band warp around your finger.

3. Remove excess of oil from skin using tissue paper.

oil remover from face

In case you run out of oil absorbing tissues, use toiler paper. Toilet paper or any other tissue paper work similar like oil absorbing tissues.

4. Have A Matte Finish For Your Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Having issues with oily skin? Then instead of using moisturizer all over the, use a mattifying gel on nose, chin and upper cheek and a cream based moisturizer all over the skin.