1 Minute Tutorial To Get Glamorous Hairstyle Everyday

Here are few hairstyles that you can try for a glamorous look.

Puff Hairstyle – Step by Step Tutorial With Video

First of all, make a puff by teasing hair. Then make braids on both sides of puff. After that tie all hair in a rubber band and part it in four sections. Now take two sections, cross them together and roll them back into the bun/puff. Secure them with pins. Do the same remaining 2 sections.

Watch this video to learn it easily:

Ponytail- Step by step tutorial

If your ponytail is in need of an upgrade, it’s time to take some inspiration from Deepika Padukone! This ponytail is easy, classic and looks super cute for any occasion! Here’s a step by step tutorial of the same.

Watch this video to learn it easily:

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